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About Twinkle Stars EEC

Twinkle Stars Early Childhood Education Center was founded in 1998 in Jakarta at Mutiara Apartment on Jl. Arteri. In 2000, we rented a 400m²house in Kemang area, and in 2008 occupied a permanent building site of 650m in Jl. Cilandak Tengah Raya No.5, South Jakarta

       Twinkle Stars is under the foundation of Yayasan Bintang Kemenangan Bakti Bangsa. 

       One of the founders is Lely Tobing, an early childhood education practitioner with experience

            in the field of child education since 1998. She is a Montessori Diploma, a Brain Gym

          Licensee, and a Massage In the School Licensee.  In addition to managing Twinkle Stars,

   Lely  Tobing is also active as an early childhood education trainer with partners from maternal and child product companies including Nestle, Huggies and Kalbe. Furthermore,she is part of national teacher training centers, which include: Demarko Educational Supplies, Nett Academy, etc.


Currently,Twinkle Stars has graduated more than 300 children and still in good relations with our ex-clients.


In addition, to running an early childhood education services program, Twinkle Stars is also known as an institution that often organizes unique and varied socialization programs for early childhood stimulation that is useful for public knowledge in the form of: various parenting seminars and prints, and TV media coverage.

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  1. ​Maximizing early childhood education with proper stimulation and attention-loving intake

  2. Help parents to be supportive partners in providing children's education

  3. Educate and produce professional, independent, creative and innovative early childhood educators

  4. Be a government or private partner in disseminating various stimulation or stimulation of children's education to the community

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Twinkle Stars



Build and improve quality of children's education and benefit the overall growth and development of children

Twinkle Stars

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