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Combination Class

Combination Class is our new schooling program for 2 to 6 years old, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program combines 2 times offline schooling (at the schooling center) and 3 times online schooling (at home) for our students during the week. The Montessori program will take place during the offline period, while the National Curriculum 2013 subjects will take place during the online period.
This way, our students can get the wholistic learning experience while still maintaining the new normal protocols.


Daycare (New Normal)

When Mom and Dad Cannot Be There- we don’t think anyone would argue that the ideal main caretaker is a parent, but these are modern times where in many families both parents work and a daycare is necessary. In our daycare, the day has a schedule. The child receives more than just the physical care of a day care environment. The child is offered an environment and activities that aid in his physical, social, emotional, and mental development. It aids in the development of independence, and ignites a love of learning.