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Learning with Montessori System

International learning approach with an emphasis on teachers helping students’ independence in learning

Virtual Online Preschool and Kindergarten

Virtual enrollment is now OPEN!

We would like to invite you to join us for the first semester 2020/21 of Virtual Preschool and Kindergarten. 

Whether your child will be learning from home this semester and needs supplemental activities, we have a Virtual Preschool and Kindergarten program that offers consistent, high-quality lessons every day. It is interactive and engaging online experience. 

Students learn by using songs, games, stories, and other play based activities that match each weekly theme!

Brain gym program

Students are encouraged to move by following 26 simple steps of brain exercise to connect and balance the left and right side of the brain. This is a learning method that has been used by more than 85 countries worldwide

Massage in The School Program

International program that has been used in more than 20 countries is intended for children aged 2-12 years and is carried out in the form of massage from children to children. The program’s benefits are to reduce stress levels of children, and to decrease aggressive attitude and violence among children

Thematic System Learning

Learning approach is given in stages and refers to certain themes at certain times for the enrichment of students’ knowledge. This has been used by many schools on an international level

Learning by Character Building

Part of increasing social and emotional needs of students to ensure sound development of characters

Music Stimulation

Twinkle Stars integrates music into daily learning with the aim for children to have better listening skills which will give a balanced system in the development of the child's brain.

Learning by Doing Outside Activity

Students are encouraged to actively learn about class topics with hands on experience

Outdoor Play

Depending on your family’s schedule, our Outdoor Play might be the right fit for you. No matter what your child needs, each of our programs will provide the support and tools necessary for optimal growth.

Pre-academic Skill

Stimulation programs to train child's basic cognitive and language skills

Religious Learning

Students have the opportunities to have early education of religion according to own’s religion

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